The mission of World Oceans Day Hawai‘i is to engage the general public in the pressing discourse of ocean conservation.


World Oceans Day Hawai‘i is a multi-media event that aims to connect filmmakers, artists, scientists, marine conservationists and ocean enthusiasts.

The goal: To share knowledge and passion to inspire a new generation of ocean stewards.

Under the maxim, Celebrate · Learn · Sustain, World Oceans Day Hawai‘i invites you to see the marine world with fresh eyes.


World Oceans Day Hawai‘i honors and celebrates the world ocean that connects us all. Whether you live inland or on the coast, we all have an impact and depend on a healthy ocean ecosystem. World Oceans Day is the day to appreciate and pay tribute to the sheer beauty and the multitude of ecosystem services the oceans provide us.


World Oceans Day Hawai‘i promotes environmental awareness and education surrounding issues facing the world's ocean. Join us at World Oceans Day Hawai‘i to learn more about its beauty, importance and plight.


It’s up to each and every one of us to do our part in protecting and conserving our life-support system for present and future generations. World Oceans Day Hawai‘i encourages individuals to recognize their impact and change their perspective on the ocean; small changes to our everyday habits go a long way in reducing our footprint on the marine ecosystem.

About World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day has been informally celebrated since its original proposal in 1992 by Canada at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, it was not until 2008 that the United Nations General Assembly declared that from 2009, June 8 of each year would be designated by the United Nations as “World Oceans Day” (Resolution 63/111, paragraph 171).

Since then the international holiday has been coordinated by two key organizations, The Ocean Project and the World Ocean Network, leading to increased global participation every year.

The Ocean Project and the World Ocean Network have been promoting World Oceans Day forming a network of over 1,600 organizations from around the globe. World Oceans Day presents an excellent opportunity for the public to get involved in protecting our future through personal and community action.

World Oceans Day events and activities such as beach cleanups, educational programs, art contests and film festivals all help to raise awareness of how our lives depend on the oceans.

Learn more at WorldOceansDay.org