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Sustainable by Design presented by Volcom

Volcom Pipe Pro 2013: Sustainable by Design

Directed by Nathan Peracciny. 2013. USA. 24 mins.

The Volcom Pipe Pro offers more than great surfing...have a look behind the scenes as filmmaker Nathan Peracciny explores the workings underneath the building of a more sustainable surf event and meet the players that made the Volcom Pipe Pro, the second ever Deep Blue Surfing Event™.

Volcom Pipe Pro 2014: Sustainable by Design

Directed by Nathan Peracciny. 2014. USA. 24 mins.

Synopsis coming soon...



Derek Sabori - Senior Director of Sustainability, Volcom

Kahi Pacarro - Executive Director, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Jim DiCarlo - Founder, Each One Teach One Farms / The Bokashi Bucket / Throw To Grow

Jen Homcy - Foundwood Founder, Founding Partner, TR3EES Sustainability Strategies

Maureen Purington - Clubhouse Director, Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii – Windward

Dave Wassel - Volcom Pro Surfer, Hawaii Ambassador

Jason Shibata - Volcom Team Manager, Hawaii Ambassador

Tai Van Dyke - Volcom Pro Surfer, Hawaii Ambassador