Harnessing the power of film and storytelling to raise awareness for the world’s oceans.


Thank you for your interest in submitting your film to World Oceans Day Hawaii.

After reviewing all rules and regulations below, please proceed to submitting your film via FilmFreeway by clicking the FilmFreeway banner on the right.

Film submissions will be accepted March 1 through May 15, 2015.


Rules & Regulations



1.1 Your submission must be your original work.

1.2. Your submission must relate to one of the following themes: People & The Sea, Ocean Environmental Issues, Marine Sciences & Wildlife, Ocean Exploration, Ocean Sports

1.3. For foreign language films,  English subtitles of the narration must be included.

1.4. World Oceans Day Hawaii accepts films completed after June 8, 2012. To request a date exception, contact us at info@worldoceansdayhawaii.org.

1.5. All submissions are required to have all watermarks, time-codes and channel bugs removed. Screening masters with any of these will NOT be screened and their allocated time will be given to another film.

1.5. World Oceans Day Hawaii reserves the right to disqualify submissions which do not meet all of the festival's requirements or are received after the deadline.



World Oceans Day Hawaii requires all submissions be shipped prepaid postmarked no later than May 15, 2015.



By submitting your film to World Oceans Day Hawaii, you assume the responsibility for obtaining appropriate clearances for all media featured in the film (images and music).

(a) You, the entrant, certify that the film being entered into the festival has obtained all the appropriate clearances to screen the film publicly.

(b) You, the entrant, certify that you are not involved in any type of current or pending litigation related to media featured in the film being entered in the festival.

(c) You, the entrant, and all persons associated with the submitted film indemnify and hold harmless World Oceans Day Hawaii, its parent organization, affiliates and any respective directors, employees, volunteers or other representatives against any claim resulting from screening your film at World Oceans Day Hawaii or any other festival event. World Oceans Day Hawaii cannot be held accountable for any copyright infringements resulting from public screenings or printed promotional materials submitted to World Oceans Day Hawaii.



We require all entrants to provide World Oceans Day Hawaii with the following items prior to the deadline: 

(a) A broadcast quality screening master for public showing. 
(b) 3 high-resolution (300dpi) images to be used in printed and online promotional materials. 
(c) A trailer no longer than 2 minutes used for promotional purposes.



4.1. The entrant of an accepted film is responsible for all shipping charges, insurance and customs fees required to provide the World Oceans Day Hawaii with all required items (see above).

4.2. The entrant must arrange for return shipping, insurance and customs fees and provide a pre-addressed label with the return/forwarding destination in order for us to return hard drives or other mediums used to supply the screening master.